All about Glastonbury Festival

Coming to London


16 days before I fly to London. So now I am thinking of a few things I can do in London before heading to Glastonbury on the Wednesday. I arrive on the Saturday, so hopefully once I get in we can watch a rape of the All Blacks playing and it’s the last day of Royal Ascot, so that should be a massive day. Will get in a few cans of Stella from the offey so no need to party to hard.

 On the Sunday will get up early with jet lag and go buy the news of the world. Then NZ, the All Whites play in Italy in their biggest football match in 28 years. 
I have to fit in a visit to my fav Chinese restaurant Wing Sing and Indian The Ajanta over the few days I am there. I usually can’t be arsed getting on the tube to much so won’t be doing to many touristy things. I always promise to visit people but again usually can’t be bothered, hey they could go to Glastonbury as well.

 I do love to have a few Guinesses there as I miss them here in Oz, quite a big difference in quality so will have to visit at least 1 pub at some stage. I usually buy the NME as well to get up to date with the latest music.
Then there is the trials and tribulations of Andy Murray. That’s starts on the Monday so should be good during the day. I also get to catch up with Corrie and Eastenders. It is always amazing to see what David Platt is now getting up to.

All in all that should keep me pretty busy until 3am Wednesday morning when we will head to Glastonbury hopefully to arrive at 9am.


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