All about Glastonbury Festival

The week


Well it was quite a weekend. firstly I finally went and got my camera. It is awesome and I should be able to get some great band photo’s this year.
Then on Friday I got home with my new purchase and went to do the blog and there was no Internet connection. I wasn’t to concerned so went to watch some telly. No telly, so phoned up my provider and they told me that we were completely down. They said they would come out on Saturday which they duly did. Left the guy there while we went to the races.

 I can tell you that it has rained for the past fortnight here in Sydney, the weather is terrible, it was a good day at the races but it was very quiet, very easy to get to the bar which I managed to do on numerous occasions.

 I have got about 300 photos from my first day with the camera. On returning home we found that the tech wasn’t fixed and won’t now have it until at least tonight. Hopefully I can post this blog when I get home. Which I couldn’t still no internet so back it work again doing it.

Posting photo’s here is much harder but hopefully fingers crossed all will be fixed tonight.

Featured photo today is from Glasto Earth. Thanks

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