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Glasto Reviews to Come

Full Reviews of bands and the year that was Glasto 2010 to come soon



Tomorrow, it starts, all the waiting is done, now just need to pack the car and get everyone away and we are there.

Still recovering from celebrating New Zealand’s draw in the world cup so haven’t been able to even think about blogging.

Will be back in a week or 2 with photos, reviews and reminisces.

Live blogging

Well I am on my way to Glastonbury. I am having a very over priced Stella in the Bambini Wine room at Sydney Airport watching Mexico beat France.
Sydney Airport has had an amazing upgrade, it has gone from the worst International Airport to a top tenner however I seem to be paying for the upgrade myself with the purcahse of 1 beer.
Yesterday I printed out the Clashfinder, laminated it, only to find this morning that it has now got the official times.
Oh well will give me something to study on the flight.
Gonna miss Englands match, unless I get stuck in Hong Kong, can’t wait to see the games played at a respectable hour though from Saturday.
Hopefully will be able to post a few blogs from my iPhone before Glasto starts.
Photo is of the Police at the Bar hopefully questioning them about their prices. By the way any guesses how much my pint was.

Plans for Post Glasto


Just a little not about my plans for the site after Glastonbury.

I hope to take many many photo’s with my new camera of bands and people and things.

I plan also to review every band I see.

So there will be plenty to catch here after Glastonbury.

From Friday I hope to post live so the blog will change then to a more appropriate live blogging site.

However I don’t expect my live blogging to be any great shakes at this stage.

NZ Draw !! 1 – 1


Well done to the NZ Football team and their draw with Slovakia.

Glasto Glasto Glasto


Countdown begins, the talk ends now

Germany 4 Australia 0


Hard day at the office for the Aussies, the Germans been much to good, it didn’t help Tim Cahill been sent off for an innocuous challenge, and the first goal looked offside, but Germany were way to good.

NZ play tomorrow night lets hope they can start slightly better than Australia.

Featured photo is of Kasabian who I saw earlier this year at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. They were amazing. It was before their big day out appearance

Update – World cup and other Stuff


Oops, England had it in the bag and let it slip so to speak. I hope the goalie gets another go for redemption as he will be persecuted back in blightly. I assume he already has been.

England had enough chances to win and should win their next 2 matches to easily qualify for the 2nd Round, although now it could be either as first or second. We will need to watch the USA to see how they do.

Australia play Germany tonight, well 4.30 am here, Darling Harbour in Sydney will be packed for the game, it is the Queens birthday holiday here tomorrow so everyone can get up and watch it and go back to bed, except those in Western Australia, who must have a different Queen as they celebrate it on another day.

After a week of rain here the past week has been beautiful I have been out and about using my new camera and at work we decorated our pods in a team from the World Cup my pod got New Zealand.

The featured photo is of an Italian and an Aussie getting into the world cup swing of things.

Of course Glastonbury is soon but it has moved into second place whilst the world cup starts up. I Fly out on Friday all going to plan landing Saturday.



It’s now time to start worrying about the weather. here is the link to the 10 day forecast. Which is looking okay although a tad cold for my liking.

Do expect wet weather and do expect mud, they water the place if it is to dry so mud will always appear somewhere.



Is there any originality left in music. Is there anything that can be considered original anymore. Certainly nothing I have listened to lately jumps out at me and says, hey I have never heard anything like this before.

Another  question is should it. Rock and roll as we know it has been around for 60 odd years now so most variations on the 4 chord theme have been tried truly tested and done by now.

This leads me on to The Drums. From Brooklyn in New York and looking like school boys one of the many observations I have read about them is that they are not very original. However I take you back to my original question, does it really matter. I believe not, Rock and roll is about the moment about the feeling and it is those 2 criteria that should be applied when assessing most music rather than whether it is original or not.

The Drums are not original nearly every second of their album can be likened to another band so I will dispense with that straight away.

So are the in the moment, do they offer a listening treat that will keep you returning back to the music they make. Unfortunately I don’t think they do. The record sounds like it was recorded in a school hall and without spending to much time gooogling The Drums I guess this is the sound they are after.

I must say thought that its not for me, the overall production lets them down but saying that the whole album is more than the sum of the parts if that makes sense. No song stands out but it can be enjoyed as a whole sitting.

I wanted to love this record because the way things are falling I will be seeing The Drums at Glastonbury maybe live they can overcome the faults in the record and breathe life into the songs. I hope so.