All about Glastonbury Festival



Stornoway are fantastic. Their music is  joyous and wonderful. It creates enjoyment as soon as you listen to it.

 Zorbing the first track of their new album starts proceedings brilliantly. It’s what I thought Mumford & Sons Little Lion Man would do for me, uplift me from the very first bar , but when the Dexys Midnight Runners like Horns start up mid song it takes it to another level. Almost spiritual.

 I saw you blink continues in the same vain and the two openers reveal a band who are definitely at the top of the new folk indie tree. The band like to take u on a trip , Fuel Up is an ode to travelling and all the songs tell a story that you are interested in hearing. That the 2nd half of the record can’t keep your interest as much is more to the testament of the first few tracks.

Watching birds is as close to a standard rock song that they get to and shows a band confident enough to step out of the folky sound you expect. The travelling story runs through the whole album ending with long distance lullaby.

Stornoway play at the same time ( The Park Stage ) as Delphic  and they have created with this headrush of an album an unfortunate clash that I didn’t have a week ago.

I will add some photo’s of Stornoway courtsey of Clive Heidrich soon.


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