All about Glastonbury Festival

Biggest Clash of the Week


I think everyone has what for a better term I will call “their biggest clash” of the week. Although the bands may not be on at the exact time, the nature of the time, stage placement and other bands playing makes a clash unavoidable. Mine is happening about 8pm on Friday night.
I have 5 bands that I would happily see at this time. In no particular order they are

Newton Faulkner at Dirty Boots

Hot Chip
Mumford & Sons
Newton Faulkner
The Magic Numbers
Rev and the Makers.

At this stage I think I can only get 1 of these in.
So now I have to go through an elaborate process of elimination.
First, can I see any of these at another time. The answer to this is yes as the Magic Numbers are playing the other stage earlier that day so they can be crossed off.  Next I have to be ruthless and think are any undeserving and Hot Chip go out as I am just not sure about them. A bit hit and miss for me so I cross them off.

Thirdly is to see who is playing either side on the stage and where the stages are, this would rule out Newton Faulkner and Rev and the Makers

Finally though I must take into consideration  who are the others are keen on seeing, the driver and the sister are keen on Mumford & Sons and the son is keen on Newton Faulkner.

So I am actually no closer to making my mind up. I suppose on this elimination competition Mumford & Sons win but I can tell you it ain’t that easy.

So the answer is I have no idea who I will be seeing on Friday at 8pm.

Does anyone have any way I can make my mind up ?


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