All about Glastonbury Festival

Glasto Earth


Glasto Earth is an amazing site. They have taken Google Earth and added the map of Glastonbury to it. It includes all the stages, the camping areas and bars and everything else you can think off.
Now I know that the bar near the John Peel tent is the Tolpuddle, named I am sure affectionately after the martyrs of the same name. ( more can be found on them at )

Glasto Earth Photo

Also that the Bar opens at 3pm on the Wednesday which is good, I might be out of beers by then if hopefully we are already there and managed to get all 4 of us in the car.
I more or less camped opposite the bar last year in the lower mead. I will probably head there again now also, as I have read the Glasto earth FAQ about camping.

This gives you a little speal about each area you can camp in and is again well worth a read. There are some great photo’s of Glasto under water. one of their photos is the main photo on the blog.
Also Glasto earth has a lot about the Shangri La area which this year includes a lot of stages with bands playing during the day and all night music. I would love to see Drugstore playing at the Hub. They were one of my fav bands in the 90’s and it’s good to see them back again.

Anyway if you want to see more about this site head over there now


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