All about Glastonbury Festival

One Month to go to Glasto 2010


Now we are really counting down and all sorts of things are happening.

Bono has had to have emergency surgery and this puts into jeopardy U2 as Friday night headliners.

In 1995 the Stone Roses, one of my fav bands, pulled out at the last minute and Pulp replaced them as headliners. Pulp went onto play what many said was a fantastic show and really cemented them in the top 3 of the britpop movement.

If not for Glastonbury they would have just been another run of the mill band. I happened to see Jarvis last year as well as pulp’s seminal show and to be honest both left me cold. Jarvis seems to be an intelligent interesting human being and critics seem to love him but he’s not for me.

My team are now starting to work out the logistics of getting there. The driver is worried the car is to small and that we may have to sacrifice a team player to get in a few cans of beer. Well quite a few cans of beer I suppose. Fair call then.

I am still nervous about flying over but I think its all going to be okay, have sorted out an app on the iphone to get a cheap hotel in Hong Kong if I get stuck there.

Gumboots ( Wellingtons ) have been purchased this year and socks are next. I have got my Glastoblogger t-shirt made up so I can do some cheap advertising of the blog while I am there. Also anyone who has read the blog will be able to identify me easily. I think it will be my Thursday T-Shirt.

Still to buy a new camera, would have got it Friday but it was pissing down all day so didn’t make it out at lunch time.

The baby stuff is coming together and the nursery is now been put together so that’s good, takes up a lot of time.


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