All about Glastonbury Festival

Splendour in the Grass


Australia has it’s own Glastonbury, it’s called Splendour in the Grass. There are some big differences of course but also a lot of similarities.

To start with only 15,000 people go, however it is in the middle of nowhere, its about halfway between Sydney and Brisbane and there is absolutely no public transport to get there except to fly. It’s held in Byron Bay or nearby which is home to beautiful beaches and a hippy culture. It is held in winter because it is to hot to have it in summer.

It is just as expensive as Glastonbury, and has a lineup this year to compare to Glastonbury in fact some of the bands I really want to see are playing both.

I have a friend who swears by it, I have not been yet but will probably start going once I pack in the real thing.

The good thing about Splendour is that all the bands play what is called “sideshows” here in Sydney. This year is no exception. Florence and the Machine just sold out 3 shows.

This year all number of bands are playing and I have managed to snag tickets for The Strokes, Florence and the Magic Numbers.

So Although it can be hard to get to see a load of bands down under Splendour does help us out once a year.

An Australian Festival

There are a few other festivals out this way if you want to come over and see them

The Falls Festival also has amazing line up’s and of course Big Day Out.

Link to see more about Splendour below


One response

  1. Sally

    Hey Greg! Splendour is now at Woodford which is on the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland! It’s a mad 3 days this year! I think I would prefer to go to Glastonbury this year!! Great post BTW… a good read!!

    May 23, 2010 at 8:29 am

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