All about Glastonbury Festival



The Black Keys are a duo from Akron Ohio who formed in  2001. This is their sixth album, but the first I have listened to as I had not heard of them before. I mustn’t be keeping up with indie blues coming out of the states anyway, I don’t reckon I have much in common with people from Akron Ohio

When I think of people from Akron Ohio I think of big beards flared jeans and blokes who sleep with their sister. So I googled the Black Keys, hey I wasn’t disappointed.

Anyway onto The Album itself.
Some of the album is very 60’s orientated with hints of Motown.
Never gonna give you up could be lifted straight from a Dusty Springfield record.
Ten cent pistol has the singer sounding a lot like early Them Van the Man and much of the album owes more to early 60’s British blues than the White stripes who they are often compared to.

The album is also littered with jimi Hendrix sounds and although you can rattle off about another 20 bands they sound like, what blues can’t you, this isn’t such a bad thing. This is an enjoyable run through the a to z of blues, I imagine that at a late night venue with a smoky ambience and a whisky or 2 they would be amazing. Maybe the Bourbon bar can get a special guest set sorted out.

I have been enjoying the album but I am not going to trawl through there back catalogue and become a creepy fan. They are playing on Friday night on the John Peel and if fortune strikes I might see them and I think thoroughly enjoy them.


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