All about Glastonbury Festival



Some bands and people are made for Glastonbury, think the Levellers, blur, lily Allen , Joe Strummer and Billy Bragg.

This year Billy is curating the leftfield stage. The stage wasn’t there last year and I don’t recall it from my earlier days, but Billy has done a fine job assembling the acts for his own area. Carl Barat headlines on the Friday but it is another quintessential glasto act that has me fired up. John Mclure’s Reverend and the Makers.

Although in musical terms compared to Billy, John is a glasto youngster to me he embodies the essential meaning of Glastonbury. That we can all have a good time but that there is an important message to be learnt.

For me 1995 was as much about Thatcher finally been ousted from government as it was the music and the leftfield stage will be delivering more than just music. Times are a changing again with David Cameron recently been elected to office but with only a minority of voters electing him. So when those acts who grace the stage at leftfield do so you will not only hear powerful music I am sure you will also hear some interesting views.

Luckily for us whether we agree with them or not these people still have a powerful platform such as Glastonbury to deliver their opinions.

The Line up for those who haven’t seen is

Carl Barat
Reverend & The Makers
Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly
Get Up, Stand Up – comedy
Bill’s Big Round-up
Debate: Global Solidarity
Debate: Climate Change and the Fight for Green Jobs

Billy Bragg
Frank Turner
Thea Gilmore
Get Up, Stand Up – comedy
Bill’s Big Round-up
Debate: This is a Banker’s Crisis
Debate: Beating the BNP

Paul Heaton
The King Blues
Lucky Soul
Get Up, Stand Up comedy
Bill’s Big Round-up
Debate: Another World Is Possible
Debate: Stop the Cuts – 6 Music/Asian network



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