All about Glastonbury Festival

The Other Stage


I think the other stage is my favourite stage for bands. It is where I saw most of the best bands last year.

The Prodigy, Pendulum, Bat for lashes and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s for example. It isn’t anywhere as squished as the Pyramid but has more recent and relevant acts.

This seems to be the same this year as last year, especially on Friday which looks a good day to set yourself down somewhere near the front and just chill and party out.

Coming from the Pyramid or the dance areas there is a bar the length of the walk to the stage and it is always easy to get a drink. Also walking straight down this gets you nice and close to the stage without having to get through any crowds.

Toilets are best reached going back towards the dance area if you find yourself near this bar as the ones you can actually see back by the food areas are miles.

The headliners this year at the Other Stage are Flaming Lips, Pet Shop Boys and Orbital.


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