All about Glastonbury Festival

Survivors Guide : To seeing as many bands as you can


10 tips to see as many bands as you can in 3 days.

1. Get there on Wednesday
2. Get up at the crack of dawn
3. Eat a big breakfast.

4. Eat your dinner on the fly between bands.
5. Check out the Clashfinder and make sure you know who you want to see.

6. On Thursday get your bearings so you know how to get from stage to stage.
7. Don’t do drugs and drink in moderation.

8. Camp near the area you plan to see the most bands

9. Don’t spend all day at your tent talking to your mates – you can see them anytime.

10. Good footwear is crucial.

A good tip for not wanting to see any bands is to ignore these tips

Gumboots are a necessity for getting around


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