All about Glastonbury Festival



Holy Fuck are another Canadian collective, what is with those kooky Canadians, that aspire to produce rowdy dance rock to blow your minds with. Are they just another Pendulum or do they inspire more twisted sounds to be delivered from their various instruments. To me they seem like they want to go to war with your brain with every song.
1MD the opening track builds slowly waiting for you to decide that hey there is no turning back you are in this for the long haul. At times you can be forgiven for looking around to see if some truck or builder or train has invaded your landscape but no it is just another layer attacking your soul.
The next couple of tracks do have a slight Latin feel and this is maybe why the album is called Latin, red lights is a swirly cacophony of sound and Latin America a whirlwind of joyous beats. It could be the theme to a NCIS Brazil programme.

Stay lit is the most obvious Tune that coyly get a lift by some Sarah Mclachlan type vocals and you could then easily see it perched a top the top 40. The album certainly progresses and in stiletto you have your first straight forward in your face techno beats which continues with lucky and pigs.

Holy Fuck is a good album that is worth a listen if you like Dance music with a bit more soul.

I can’t wait to see them at Glastonbury.


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