All about Glastonbury Festival

Dirty Boots

Will and the People at Dirty Boots


One of my unexpected pleasures last year, was the Dirty Boots tent or Cafe. The Tent is situated about half way along the main drag from the Pyramid Stage to the Other Stage and Dance Village along with numerous eateries and market stalls.

I stumbled into it on Wednesday night at about Midnight just wondering around. At that stage everything was pretty new to me and I was just sussing the place out
They happened to have a DJ playing so we stayed a while to get some music into us after a long days traveling. Thursday morning we woke up had a few summer breezes with the neighbours
and at about 4 O Clock went hunting for some music. We decided against seeing Maximo Park and wondered down to Dirty Boots as it was easy to find.

They had bands on all afternoon and they were pretty good. One that stood out for me was Will and the People who I managed to see at least twice over the weekend.

But the main band I saw over the weekend was Newton Faulkner on the Thursday night, Billed as a special guest, word spread very quickly once they announced it form the stage and there was full tent of 600
people by the time he started. Mind you it did take 30 minutes of guitar tuning before he arrived on stage.

He then proceeded to bellow out all his hits including Massive Attacks Teardrops. I actually saw him later in the year and spoke to his guitar technician who confirmed that they had all felt that it was an electric atmosphere inside the tent that night.

Wednesday Night at Dirty Boots


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