All about Glastonbury Festival

What to take


Less than 50 days to go so it’s now worth thinking about what you need when you get there. Of course you will need a tent and wellies, Gumboots as we call them down under and plenty of booze. As much as you can both legitimately and comfortably carry and get into the site. Take a chair or buy one on site, they are about a tenner and well worth it.

I would take a torch, sunscreen and hand wash. Those little bottles of hand wash liquid are awesome, carry it round in your pocket all day. The toilets start out okay but get worse and worse and it is sometimes better to use that stuff than soap and water. A raincoat is essential.

Gumboots are all the rage

On the clothing front take a change of underwear for each day, from head to bottom. Good thick comfortable socks that pull up as high as your gumboots are a good idea.  Take a pair of shorts and a couple of pairs of jeans. It will be okay for shorts during the day but you will need Jeans in the evening. Take a warm jacket as well, it can get cold in the night.

For sleeping, take a decent sleeping bag, mine last year was good, but I couldn’t do it up and I basically used it as a duvet not a bag which was a pain. A blow up mattress is a good idea, one with a inflatable pillow end. Try and get everything into one backpack.

If the weather man predicts torrential rain during the week take a kayak as this will be a good means of travel.

But most importantly take a good sense of humour because whatever you forget to take at least you can sit back later and laugh about it.

Make sure you take a raincoat

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