All about Glastonbury Festival

Phoenix – Other Stage – Friday 25 – 15.30


I have come to Phoenix very late in their career. You could say quite late in my own career. It wasn’t until last years Triple J Hot 100 that I heard them.

Let me explain

Triple J is a local radio station similar to the BBC – but more like XFM , although they play lots of local hip hop as well. Every year all Australians vote in Triple J’s Hot 100 to decide the top 100 singles of the previous year and then on Australia Day the 26th of January they count them down. Pubs have parties there are concerts and all sorts of merriment.

This year Mumford and Sons Little lion man took out the hotly contested title. Phoenix’s Listomania was in the top 10 somewhere and that was the first time I heard them.

It didn’t initially blow me away, but it keened my interest enough to ask my fellow work mate about them.

Girls that work for me - Tatiana in the middle - loves Phoenix

Tatiana had all their cd;s and was able to lend them to me so that I could get up to speed about this French band I had heard of but dismissed as non listen-worthy.

unfortunately she couldn’t find the latest album so I was stuck listening to the back catalogue. I found the records patch, with some interesting sounds but a load of songs that sounded like Flight of the Chonchords at their worst.

Finally last month I downloaded Wolfgang Amadeus and I love it, and I can’t wait to see them on Friday afternoon.

Try stopping me, they are on the laminated list of bands to see.


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