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Stornoway are fantastic. Their music is  joyous and wonderful. It creates enjoyment as soon as you listen to it.

 Zorbing the first track of their new album starts proceedings brilliantly. It’s what I thought Mumford & Sons Little Lion Man would do for me, uplift me from the very first bar , but when the Dexys Midnight Runners like Horns start up mid song it takes it to another level. Almost spiritual.

 I saw you blink continues in the same vain and the two openers reveal a band who are definitely at the top of the new folk indie tree. The band like to take u on a trip , Fuel Up is an ode to travelling and all the songs tell a story that you are interested in hearing. That the 2nd half of the record can’t keep your interest as much is more to the testament of the first few tracks.

Watching birds is as close to a standard rock song that they get to and shows a band confident enough to step out of the folky sound you expect. The travelling story runs through the whole album ending with long distance lullaby.

Stornoway play at the same time ( The Park Stage ) as Delphic  and they have created with this headrush of an album an unfortunate clash that I didn’t have a week ago.

I will add some photo’s of Stornoway courtsey of Clive Heidrich soon.


Pyramid Stage


The Pyramid Stage is as close to an icon of British music as a stage at a festival could get.

It is there that nearly every year the greats and must sees of world music play.

Last year was certainly no exception with The Boss , Neil Young and Blur, headlining.

Of course it is not always the headliners that always make the news and with Kasabian, Lilly Allen and The Specials amongst others playing last year  it was a bumper year for Main Stage goers.

Of Course this year is no different. Muse will certainly rock the joint and Stevie will appeal to the more laidback as he closes the main arena.

The Gorillaz have been announced as U2’s replacements and they should be a highlight of Friday night. This means Damon Albarn will go from closing Sunday night last year to the next year headlining the Friday.  It could also be a star-studded show with a host of Gorillaz favourites playing at theFestival.

The Pyramid Stage  just seems to get bigger year after year, some of the past highlights have included Oasis and Radiohead and of course Blur last year.

If you have never been to Glastonbury before then you have to see at least one of the headline acts play.

The place will be a buzzing.

U2 – Who will replace them


Well this is my 2nd post regarding u2 and as everyone will already know it’s not good news. It’s certainly not good news for the 100,000 or so who would have been at the Pyramid Stage to see them.

Bono has had to undergo surgery and is not keen on spending 3 hours a night on a stage. If anyone who has played sing-star can affirm 10 minutes of rock and roll can take it out if you, so having to get up and do it every night for a couple of months would be extremely tiring so you would need to be at your fittest.
Obviously over the last week there has been plenty of conjecture on forums who would take there place if they pulled out. Most of it if not all of it purely guesswork.
I can’t imagine Glastonbury getting anyone that will cost them any money at this stage. Their budgets are done and they run a tight ship as it is. All tickets were sold before u2 were announced so they won’t need to go crazy. It will be more than likely someone already playing.
So I will play god or actually Michael Eavis and weave my magic wand.
My favorite scenario is cancel Julian Casablancas and put on the Strokes.
If for some reason this isn’t possible then my 2nd pick would be the Libertines, again part of the band are there and they must be rehearsing as they are playing Reading.

There is a down side on these two they may have signed exclusivity contracts with their respective festivals.

Kylie has ruled herself out on twitter, Coldplay are rumored for next year. Kasabian are around and could play. Beady Eye are Oasis without the guitarist so have some pretty useful songs already.

So like everyone else  I have no idea until they actually announce the band or singer.

Lets hope its soon.

Biggest Clash of the Week


I think everyone has what for a better term I will call “their biggest clash” of the week. Although the bands may not be on at the exact time, the nature of the time, stage placement and other bands playing makes a clash unavoidable. Mine is happening about 8pm on Friday night.
I have 5 bands that I would happily see at this time. In no particular order they are

Newton Faulkner at Dirty Boots

Hot Chip
Mumford & Sons
Newton Faulkner
The Magic Numbers
Rev and the Makers.

At this stage I think I can only get 1 of these in.
So now I have to go through an elaborate process of elimination.
First, can I see any of these at another time. The answer to this is yes as the Magic Numbers are playing the other stage earlier that day so they can be crossed off.  Next I have to be ruthless and think are any undeserving and Hot Chip go out as I am just not sure about them. A bit hit and miss for me so I cross them off.

Thirdly is to see who is playing either side on the stage and where the stages are, this would rule out Newton Faulkner and Rev and the Makers

Finally though I must take into consideration  who are the others are keen on seeing, the driver and the sister are keen on Mumford & Sons and the son is keen on Newton Faulkner.

So I am actually no closer to making my mind up. I suppose on this elimination competition Mumford & Sons win but I can tell you it ain’t that easy.

So the answer is I have no idea who I will be seeing on Friday at 8pm.

Does anyone have any way I can make my mind up ?

Glasto Earth


Glasto Earth is an amazing site. They have taken Google Earth and added the map of Glastonbury to it. It includes all the stages, the camping areas and bars and everything else you can think off.
Now I know that the bar near the John Peel tent is the Tolpuddle, named I am sure affectionately after the martyrs of the same name. ( more can be found on them at )

Glasto Earth Photo

Also that the Bar opens at 3pm on the Wednesday which is good, I might be out of beers by then if hopefully we are already there and managed to get all 4 of us in the car.
I more or less camped opposite the bar last year in the lower mead. I will probably head there again now also, as I have read the Glasto earth FAQ about camping.

This gives you a little speal about each area you can camp in and is again well worth a read. There are some great photo’s of Glasto under water. one of their photos is the main photo on the blog.
Also Glasto earth has a lot about the Shangri La area which this year includes a lot of stages with bands playing during the day and all night music. I would love to see Drugstore playing at the Hub. They were one of my fav bands in the 90’s and it’s good to see them back again.

Anyway if you want to see more about this site head over there now

One Month to go to Glasto 2010


Now we are really counting down and all sorts of things are happening.

Bono has had to have emergency surgery and this puts into jeopardy U2 as Friday night headliners.

In 1995 the Stone Roses, one of my fav bands, pulled out at the last minute and Pulp replaced them as headliners. Pulp went onto play what many said was a fantastic show and really cemented them in the top 3 of the britpop movement.

If not for Glastonbury they would have just been another run of the mill band. I happened to see Jarvis last year as well as pulp’s seminal show and to be honest both left me cold. Jarvis seems to be an intelligent interesting human being and critics seem to love him but he’s not for me.

My team are now starting to work out the logistics of getting there. The driver is worried the car is to small and that we may have to sacrifice a team player to get in a few cans of beer. Well quite a few cans of beer I suppose. Fair call then.

I am still nervous about flying over but I think its all going to be okay, have sorted out an app on the iphone to get a cheap hotel in Hong Kong if I get stuck there.

Gumboots ( Wellingtons ) have been purchased this year and socks are next. I have got my Glastoblogger t-shirt made up so I can do some cheap advertising of the blog while I am there. Also anyone who has read the blog will be able to identify me easily. I think it will be my Thursday T-Shirt.

Still to buy a new camera, would have got it Friday but it was pissing down all day so didn’t make it out at lunch time.

The baby stuff is coming together and the nursery is now been put together so that’s good, takes up a lot of time.

Splendour in the Grass


Australia has it’s own Glastonbury, it’s called Splendour in the Grass. There are some big differences of course but also a lot of similarities.

To start with only 15,000 people go, however it is in the middle of nowhere, its about halfway between Sydney and Brisbane and there is absolutely no public transport to get there except to fly. It’s held in Byron Bay or nearby which is home to beautiful beaches and a hippy culture. It is held in winter because it is to hot to have it in summer.

It is just as expensive as Glastonbury, and has a lineup this year to compare to Glastonbury in fact some of the bands I really want to see are playing both.

I have a friend who swears by it, I have not been yet but will probably start going once I pack in the real thing.

The good thing about Splendour is that all the bands play what is called “sideshows” here in Sydney. This year is no exception. Florence and the Machine just sold out 3 shows.

This year all number of bands are playing and I have managed to snag tickets for The Strokes, Florence and the Magic Numbers.

So Although it can be hard to get to see a load of bands down under Splendour does help us out once a year.

An Australian Festival

There are a few other festivals out this way if you want to come over and see them

The Falls Festival also has amazing line up’s and of course Big Day Out.

Link to see more about Splendour below



The Black Keys are a duo from Akron Ohio who formed in  2001. This is their sixth album, but the first I have listened to as I had not heard of them before. I mustn’t be keeping up with indie blues coming out of the states anyway, I don’t reckon I have much in common with people from Akron Ohio

When I think of people from Akron Ohio I think of big beards flared jeans and blokes who sleep with their sister. So I googled the Black Keys, hey I wasn’t disappointed.

Anyway onto The Album itself.
Some of the album is very 60’s orientated with hints of Motown.
Never gonna give you up could be lifted straight from a Dusty Springfield record.
Ten cent pistol has the singer sounding a lot like early Them Van the Man and much of the album owes more to early 60’s British blues than the White stripes who they are often compared to.

The album is also littered with jimi Hendrix sounds and although you can rattle off about another 20 bands they sound like, what blues can’t you, this isn’t such a bad thing. This is an enjoyable run through the a to z of blues, I imagine that at a late night venue with a smoky ambience and a whisky or 2 they would be amazing. Maybe the Bourbon bar can get a special guest set sorted out.

I have been enjoying the album but I am not going to trawl through there back catalogue and become a creepy fan. They are playing on Friday night on the John Peel and if fortune strikes I might see them and I think thoroughly enjoy them.



Some bands and people are made for Glastonbury, think the Levellers, blur, lily Allen , Joe Strummer and Billy Bragg.

This year Billy is curating the leftfield stage. The stage wasn’t there last year and I don’t recall it from my earlier days, but Billy has done a fine job assembling the acts for his own area. Carl Barat headlines on the Friday but it is another quintessential glasto act that has me fired up. John Mclure’s Reverend and the Makers.

Although in musical terms compared to Billy, John is a glasto youngster to me he embodies the essential meaning of Glastonbury. That we can all have a good time but that there is an important message to be learnt.

For me 1995 was as much about Thatcher finally been ousted from government as it was the music and the leftfield stage will be delivering more than just music. Times are a changing again with David Cameron recently been elected to office but with only a minority of voters electing him. So when those acts who grace the stage at leftfield do so you will not only hear powerful music I am sure you will also hear some interesting views.

Luckily for us whether we agree with them or not these people still have a powerful platform such as Glastonbury to deliver their opinions.

The Line up for those who haven’t seen is

Carl Barat
Reverend & The Makers
Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly
Get Up, Stand Up – comedy
Bill’s Big Round-up
Debate: Global Solidarity
Debate: Climate Change and the Fight for Green Jobs

Billy Bragg
Frank Turner
Thea Gilmore
Get Up, Stand Up – comedy
Bill’s Big Round-up
Debate: This is a Banker’s Crisis
Debate: Beating the BNP

Paul Heaton
The King Blues
Lucky Soul
Get Up, Stand Up comedy
Bill’s Big Round-up
Debate: Another World Is Possible
Debate: Stop the Cuts – 6 Music/Asian network


Poll – Band you most want to see


Just wanna see who everyone is keen on seeing