All about Glastonbury Festival

Getting there and getting back – A trial in Patience

The queue for the Bus


Whatever you do,however you go,  make sure that you realise it is a long journey to Glastonbury. It’s a long way from london, it’s a long way from Manchester, some years it’s a long way from Castle Cary. 

Castle Cary is where the train goes to. That train journey itself is sweet, especially if you have booked a seat on the train, as they just put you straight on whilst everyone else is lining up. 

We took a couple of beers and had a nice chat and watched a movie or two, yes I took an iPhone to Glastonbury, more on that later in blog world. 

3 or so hours later we were in Castle Cary. 

What we then saw there was like something resembling the Normandy Landings. Bodies were strewn everywhere, people were pushing and shoving, you got straight off the train and into a line and then there were the rail guards, yes they were guarding us, we could only go in a straight line, stop, put your backpack down, pick it up again move 1 foot forward. 1/2 an hour later we were nearly out of the station, we though we were nearly there, ready to hop a bus that last few miles to Glastonbury. 

How wrong we were, we were now in the longest queue I had ever seen.  It was soul-destroying, we were so close and yet so far, and it was hard work, every step you made you had to pick up your bag, your tent and any other stuff you had bought and move it forward 1 stride. 

Initially there was a feeling of camaraderie, one guy got out his guitar and started to play a few tunes, someone did some juggling, wow it was like been at Glastonbury. 

By Hour 4 it was starting to get really fucking annoying, buses kept coming and going, people cheered when they got on. Others booed. At one stage no buses turned up for about an hour and everyone’s spirits flagged even more. 

Entertaining the troops

After about 5 hours we were finally in the line to get a bus, we turned once more  into another area, and guess what, we were now lining up once again and there was another hour of queuing. 

Yes 6 hours we waited to get the bus. I am sure everyone has loads of questions. I will answer a couple of them here now. 

Could we have walked ? It’s about 6 miles, so with all your backpacks it’s not really possible. 

Could we have got a Taxi ? Again possible, but there were long queues for these unless you were willing to just push in. 

So that is my experience from last year. Tomorrow I am going to expand on other forms of transport and experiences of friends from last year.


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