All about Glastonbury Festival

The John Peel Tent


John Peel what a great man, one of the things I looked forward to most when I moved to the UK was to listen to the Great Man live on the radio. Watching him on the telly was even better. 

What bands he introduced to the world, basically every great band of about a 20 year period until his untimely death. 

If you haven’t already read his autobiography, it’s a great read, that he was working on at the time of his death. His wife finished the book so it’s a story in 2. It is a brilliant read if you love music, if you plan on visiting the John Peel Stage it is essential. 

You will then see why Glastonbury have named a stage after the great man. 

So anyway the tent itself, it is rather large and gets packed solid for the headliners, make sure you get there to see a couple of bands during the morning / afternoon to see the difference and how many people flood it later. 

Highlights at the stage for me last year were Jack Penate, We have Band and Good Books. Jamie T made the place his own and returns to headline this year. 

The inside of the tent did start to get pretty muddy last year, but if you entered from the right side as you come from the pyramid it was a bit better. 

Make sure you see at least 1 band there and also it has its own compare, some  knarley old guy with a long white beard. He was quite Fun though but he did make a lot of lame jokes about Michael Jackson 

We have Band at the John Peel Tent

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