All about Glastonbury Festival

Review – White Lies – 2009


Ahh those heady days of Early 2009, White Lies were the saviours of doom and gloom rock, cheery introspection and cutting lyrics of death and chaos. We had never wanted to lose our life more to a rock band

Fast Forward to June later that year, we learned that White Lies in a previous incarnation had been a boy band, we felt duped, how had these good-looking pop stars fooled us into thinking they were the new Joy Division.

Well for one thing great tunes and actual rock star leanings, White Lies powered onto the Other Stage and gave more experienced bands a lesson on how to play 40 minutes of brilliance at a festival.

Its been a year now so actual details are slightly hazy but they played and dedicated Dancing in the Dark to the Boss and played all their hits, one after another to a crowd just getting over the fact that it was going to rain all weekend


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