All about Glastonbury Festival

Baby Update No 1


For those that don’t know, I am going to be a Dad for the 2nd time on or around the 11th of September.  This will be the 2nd time, but there are 17 years inbetween. In fact No 1 Son, Joshua went to his first Glastonbury last year and is on his way this year as well.

No 1 Son makes Friends at Glastonbury

Back to the baby, she is looking great, yes she is a she, we just had the 19 week scan and all is looking good. In fact she is looking likely to be either a Gymnast or a boxer.

Luckily Glastonbury falls at a great time for my annual trip to the UK from Australia.

Joshua,  who will be known from now on as  No 1 Son is a handy musician, currently studying music at college and is pretty keen to bring his guitar down this year.

Carolyn , the Wife , is over the moon as a girl was definitely No 1 on the hitlist. Now getting a name will be interesting as we have quite a few firm favourites each. Any help gratefully accepted. Any way Carolyn, who from now on will be known as the wife, Likes Mia but I prefer Lily, so we have an interesting 5 months ahead of us.


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