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So far I have been very lucky in my 3 trips to Glasto and have struck mostly decent weather so where to camp has not become a major concern and it has worked out well every time. 

Well for me anyway the first year I went a friend of ours had her tent stolen, yes her tent, she had one of those pup tents that you throw on the ground and it puts itself up. Someone came along and just took her whole tent, with all her gear in it. 

Luckily there were a few of us and she was able to get enough gear and stay with someone else for the rest of the time. 

That year was my first and we camped in the Pyramid Stage field, and  a lot closer than you can now. I wouldn’t do that again. 

Last year I stayed in the John Peel Field and loved it, it did get muddy, there were a million people walking past the tent but we meet some great people and we were close to everything. I think though if it looks like it might  be a wet one, you would be better off on higher ground.  The earlier you get there the more choices you have for camping. 

Now if there are a few of you going, at least 4 of you, get a decent size 4 man tent with a living area. Last year this was a godsend, although it wasn’t my tent it was a neighbours. When the heavens opened it was a great place to have a drink and a chat and decide what bands to see. 

Make sure you make friends with your neighbours, below is  Sean and Tim from last year, these are the sort of people who make Glasto more than just a music festival. Also notice the firm ground, it only stayed like this to Friday morning and last year was what would be considered a good weather year

King of the Tent


Tent above was awesome a great size and a living room to chill out in. Sean became king of the tent. It wasn’t even his tent.

I will have more on camping later in my blog


One response

  1. Lynzi

    haha I like it, the king of the tent I forgot about that!! Shame they won’t be here this year though :(. I canny wait already!!!! Look forward to more posts x

    April 20, 2010 at 12:24 am

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