All about Glastonbury Festival

Julian Casablancas – John Peel – Sunday 27 – 21.00


Put your hands up if you want to see the Strokes. Put your hands up if you want to see Julian Casablancas.
Umm is that no one. Oh you in the corner do you really want to see Julian Casablancas

No not really I didn’t think so.

Sorry Glastonbury I think you have got this one wrong wrong wrong. I would love to see The Strokes in fact I am dying to see them , actually I am going to see them. The 29th of July Hordern Pavillion in Sydney. Phew I am glad about that, because not all lead singers make great solo artists.

Think Richard Ashcroft with the Verve legendary with himself so so
Paul Weller with the Jam and Style Council iconic by himself posturing overblown overhyped garbage.
Pete Doherty well you get my drift.

But let me say this right now, I would much rather see Richard, Paul and Peter solo than Julian Casa whats his name.

Chances of spotting me in the John Peel Sunday night grooving to the Julian man, is unlikely but not completely out of the question.


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