All about Glastonbury Festival

Mgmt – Other Stage – Sunday 27 – 18.30


The first band I am going to critique is Mgmt. This is because a week ago I saw them play at the Metro Theatre in Sydney.

I was extremely excited like most people I love Time to Pretend, Kids etc and was looking forward to this with bated breath. Also I had got the tickets in a buy the album get a free ticket Virgin Mobile giveaway so it was actually costing me nothing, nada, zip. Get the message.

Mgmt duly arrived on stage at 10pm, which I think is too late on a school night, why weren’t they on at 9pm, maybe I would have been happier. They then started to play something resembling a tune, wait no it wasn’t a tune it was a shambolic bit of fiddling around with their instruments.

Well it would surely get better. 3rd song in was Electric Feel , here goes I thought the good stuff, except even this was played half heartedly and sounded like some 2nd rate opening act for any band at the Water Rats.

By the end of the next song it was bedtime for me, so requesting a leave of absence we left.

So what are the chances of you seeing me at Mgmt on Sunday Afternoon. Not good I must say. I have not yet listened to the new album yet though, So I could be swayed by June 27th. Though early reviews seriously doubt that this will happen.

As an aside I also thought Passion Pit were shit at Glasto 2009


2 responses

  1. Ace

    I have bought mgmts album and although only given it a couple of listens so far am not liking what I’m hearing! There last album was brilliant so expectations were obviously high but thisalbum is way off the mark. I think I will be taking a look at ‘gang of four’ after ‘we are scientists’ although may wander back over to the other stage again one ‘gang of four’ has finished to see the last half of their set. Thanks for the link to clashfinder it’s brilliant!

    April 19, 2010 at 6:28 pm

  2. I agree Ace, sounds like a plan. I will be giving my review of Gang of Four later on the blog.

    April 19, 2010 at 7:01 pm

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