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The Clashfinder


Last year was my first year for nearly 15 years and I made a decision to do a lot more investigation into what to see.

Firstly back in 94/95 there was no internet so you relied on the NME to get any info so you didn’t really know the times of who was playing until you got there.

Also as far as memory serves there were not half as many stages. If you liked Britpop / Indie you really only had the NME stage, which is similar to the Other Stage now.

Now you have the Other Stage, the brilliantly named John Peel Tent, The Queens Head and the Park. So if you only like Indie you have at least 4 stages to choose from and of course the Pyramid if you  feel so inclined.

Luckily now you do have the net and you have Halvins Clashfinder. A seminal bit of work that lists the times, the main stages , 10 so far, and you can colour code it so your fav bands stand out.

For this we should be extremely grateful. Of course once you get on site you have a neck thingy to wear and also a mag with the times, but these are much harder to follow than the Clashfinder.  

So my first recommendation for newbies is to head to the Clashfinder – link below – and start working on your perfect Glastonbury

Of course once you get there, meet your mates, have a beer, and find just sitting in a field is great fun, it all goes out the window, but hey its great fun in the meantime.


2 responses

  1. Gordon

    Glasto has got much bigger since ’94, but just to let you no, the ‘Other Stage’ in those days was called the ‘NME’ and the John Peel was known as The New Bands. Off course as you say, The Park area is in it’s 3rd year now.

    April 19, 2010 at 10:01 pm

  2. Thanks Gordon, I can’t remember the New Bands stage, but I was a lot younger and stupider back then so stuck to the 2 main stages mostly.

    April 20, 2010 at 8:39 am

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