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Glastonbury highlights

Laura at Glastonbury

Laura at Glastonbury


This will be the last post on this site, my new site The Glasto Review will be up and running by the end of July. I am working away on it now.

Thanks to all the people who have visited Glastoblogger, I will be back !!

Getting in this Year – 2011

This was way easier than the last 2 years, although we did leave London at 12 pm on Tuesday and stay the night in Warminster, which was an experience in itself. We then left Warminster at about 5am and parked the car in East 5 at about 6.30am. We were through the gates and into the site at 8.30am which was a result!

Would certainly do that again, although not in a Travelodge, they are soulless hell holes that do not deserve to be called hotels.

Photo below is the lineup at 7am before the gate opens, this was Gate C, although much closer to our car a longer walk to where we wanted to camp. ( We think )

Glastonbury – How was it for you

As usual I thought Glasto was nothing short of sensational, but how was it for you, I would love to know.

Over the next few months, I will be reviewing, all the bands I saw, adding reviews of new stages and bars I visited as well as food and other outlets.


Also I will be doing this from my new self hosted website, all will be revealed in the coming month, in the meantime I will upload some of my favorite photos from the week.

Starting with above, a few shots from people arriving on the Wednesday. It was already pretty muddy by this stage as you can see.

Sunday at Glasto 2011

Here it is the final day at Glastonbury. There are loads of great bands to finish off the week, and with Foster the People possibly one of the absolute highlights of the weekend.

So for one last time my line up for what its worth.

Esben and the Witch
Foster the People
The Joy Formidable
Bombay Bicycle Club
The Vaccines
Queens of the Stone Age

Saturday at Glasto 2011

Last night is actually pretty hazy, so not to many decisions were made. Well i cant remember any of them.

A couple from left field discussed were Terry Reid on the Spirit of 71 stage, and The Beat at Croissant Neuf, also Lee Scratch Perry, whose great track Iron Shirt could become a Glasto favourite.

Anyway this is my line up

For Saturday

Anna Calvi
The Horrors
Noah and the Whale
White Lies

Friday at Glasto 2011 Locked and Loaded

Okay, we spent a whole day reading the Clashfinder and listening to loads of the bands via spotify and this is what we have decided will be our days listening pleasure

Dry the River
Miles Kane
Newton Faulkner
Hothouse Flowers
Mumford & Sons
Primal Scream

Also did Thursday and plan to see

Treetop Flyers
Sandi Thom

Glastonbury Festival 2011 Here I Come

Newton Faulkner in Newcastle.

Image via Wikipedia

Time’s are locked and loaded, I have printed my final clash finder, I have updated my Orange App, to review and pour over whilst at Glasto.
2 more days of work before the Flight to the UK. The blog is updated all previews completed. Now it’s just a matter of having a great time.
What is on my wish list. Well I want to see Newton Faulkner at the Acoustic Tent, to spend an afternoon seeing the sights sounds and smells of that area.
I want to check out the Green Fields on the Thursday and see the Sacred Stone. I want to have that Glastonbury moment that I haven’t planned for, that seems to come around at least once a year and surprise the hell out of you. I have about 6 bands that I really, really want to see and another 1/2 a dozen I would like to see.
I really hope my near neighbors on the campsite are as nice, cool and sociable as the ones the last 2 years.
Lastly I hope the weather is good, that it does not get to muddy, I’m to old for the wet and wild Glasto’s now.


See you all in 7 days 

Pendulum at Glastonbury 2009

Mighty live band are Pendulum. I don’t personally care for their recorded output, but their headline show on The Other Stage in 2009 was one of my absolute highlights. Live they just lift their game they spread their wings, adding the English MC Verse which seems to make all the difference.

Photo’s below are not very good, but I think they give  you a little of  the atmosphere that they are able to generate live.

If like me you chose to go to the Pyramid Stage rarely, Pendulum are as good a choice as any to see there.

Jenny and Johnny at Laneway Festival 2011

Jenny and Johnny play The Park on Friday, and anyone who has listened to their recent album knows  that this pair are a humorous, intelligent duo with great musical chops who will be worth getting to The Park to see.

I saw them at Sydney’s Laneway Festival in February and they were excellent. Put them on your must see list !

A few photo’s below taken at said gig, by the way if you get close enough and its a windy day you might want to check to see if Jenny is sans under pants as she was at Laneway.